Aluminum motor yachts and boats

Aluminium Custom yachts
founded in 2007

Customized aluminum motor yachts and boats BRIZO. Made in Finland in the full production cycle from design to interior solutions and combinations for various fields of activity.

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BRIZO Yachts are fully individualized serial and individual yachts that are tailored to the requirements of each customer. There is not a single boat, each is created according to a separate project and the projects are constantly being improved. A full production cycle allows us to produce customized solutions, layouts, parts and elements and apply innovative technological solutions directly in production. Professional work with aluminum and other metals and the highest standards for paintwork allow us to create for you the boat of your dreams.

Jonacor Marine
Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
Pesochnaya emb. 18a
Brizo Yachts Team
Mestarintie 25,
06150 Porvoo
Brizo Yachts Team
Mestarintie 25, 06150 Porvoo,